giovedì 13 settembre 2012

Water rain

Today, the rain washes away my blacks moods, keeping in my heart a sensation of incredible sweetness, that one that reaches the most hidden and secret places of the heart and do not ever leave them; that one that flows inside. Oh, if there were not the rain to wash away the old sorrows!

Today, she is arrived, so expected, so desired! Sometimes I wonder whether those drops could be the tears of joy of the heaven, due to an extraordinary event he has glimpsed in the world he wraps.

It's quite nice to believe that heaven is moved as we do.

Today, I looked at those fresh raindrops in all their striking beauty, shrouded by a veil of subtle sadness. They are noble in their violent falling to the ground; never tired, never scared, they passionately fall from the air.

They give me a precious gift: I can hear their peaceful notes plucking the leaves around me, whispering in my ear, enhancing my little soul.

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